Whenever I feel like being alone
I used to stare at the phone
hoping that you would call
in this late, late night of fall

 I was sitting at the café
on the 5th day of May
where we used to have coffee
but it’s now a memory
which part of our old days.

 If I could turn back time
when the world was still you and mine
talking, laughing, dating until nine
I thought that was always fine
until we changed our mind

We decided to find ourselves in separate way
hoping that we could be still together someday
waiting for that perfect day
for you and me

 Every time I heard the song in the radio
I can’t help myself thinking of you
but I have to let you go
for the sake of the two of you
cause I don’t want you to choose between us two
that’s the hardest thing I can do
to sacrifice my love for you

 sometimes it’s hard to make things clear
‘cause we’re afraid to face what’s real
it’s better to say goodbye
before we end up hating each other and cry
but baby I won’t promise but I’ll try
to love you ‘till the day I die



2 comments on “Sacrifice

  1. Sumedha says:

    Wish you a very happy anniversary! Your page is a great place to rest our eyes on. Thank you Zoelie. Thank you for your kindness! GB!


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