Rainy season has begun. It may look so sad but it’s beautiful once you started to appreciate it. Admit it that as a student, we like the rain because it means that we don’t have classes. Just like love in a relationship. Lots of people are against about it but we can’t deny that it became part of our needs. It’s impossible to stop because it was destined to happen just like a rain that destined to pour. Even if it’s not in my senses to like it, I will try to enjoy the rain if ever it will pass on my way.

Ulan ka ba?Kasi sa ayaw at sa gusto mo, babagsak ka pa rin sa akin (Are you a rain? Because whether you like it or not, you will going to fall for me). Admit it that you were a bit flattered and I guess thousands of jolts of electricity runs into your body as you read/heard this old pick-up line. Maybe life is like a rain, it may be a problem to some of us but it helps a lot in our daily living. Just like in love, we didn’t know when it will come but we can’t deny that we are all waiting for it to come. Just like a rain to pour. Either it’s only drizzle (temporary only) or a heavy rain (it will leave us a memorable experience), we are still excited to witness for its first drop.

I remember a famous children song about the rain. It’s called ‘rain, rain go away’. The children want to stop the rain because they want to play. But then again, the rain is unstoppable. I’m just wondering maybe it’s nice to play in the rain especially when it’s raining very hard. Just like little children running outside their houses. They didn’t even bother to think if they might get sick. You can’t hide the smile on their faces. Just like playing in the rain, the laughter and smiling faces of the children even though their lips are already pale. They are just trying to grab the opportunity to play in the rain because it seldom comes.

Just like in love, it feels good. The greatest feeling in the world is to love and be loved, do you know that? It’s envious sometimes. That’s why we try to go with the mainstream to fall in love. Just like the happiness we get in the rain, we didn’t even think of the consequences of it. Maybe it gives us a great feelings but it may also the cause of a total heartaches. We’re not sometimes aware of the damages that causes to us. The unstoppable pouring of rain is sometimes become the cause of people lost their home. Just like in love, while it stays a bit longer on us, there’s a possibility that it will be more painful once it vanish. We don’t know that it’s already become a typhoon. It will destroy lots of houses and it will leave a broken hearts. It’s too harsh if it will ever happen.

Just like a kid playing in the rain, I try to play also. Just like a normal teenager, first time in my life that my heart beats not only for myself but also for the other people. I knew I’m too young to enter this kind of crazy life, and definitely I’m not ready to play with fires, but when you’re already there, you can’t stop it. A pitiful heart now becomes the target of cupid.

I remember his brown eyes, blonde hair, fair skin and his perfect figure that my eyes can never forget. We were classmates back then. I felt attracted to him because he’s not just physically gorgeous but also has a brain that can change the world. He’s not pure Filipino (Aussie-Filipino) but his heart is truly, madly, deeply in love for this lucky country. Just like rain, he became part of my daily living. He completed my day. The day without seeing him is like a year without rain. I always waited for him to enter into our classroom. Then fate arranged our first real meeting, it was raining cats and dogs. He lends me his umbrella. He just ran fast going to the school bus and I go straight to our car. My heart seems to burst and melt that time but I try not to be obvious so that our family driver will not noticed. That day I was thankful because it rained even though most of my classmates even cursed the rain. I’ll never forget that day when the rain makes us crossed our way even if I knew that it will be going to be a one-sided love. I can’t help but admired the rain. It looked so calm and the surrounding was so peaceful. All I heard was raindrops from the car roof. The surrounding was as peaceful as the rain trying to come inside the closed window of our car.  But then again, even if we really like the pouring rain, it will stop eventually. Just like in love, even if you don’t want him to go, you have to accept the fact that his world is not only revolving around you. You have to set him free. And that’s the least thing you can do for the sake of his future. After the school year, they migrated in Australia and I don’t know if they will come back in the Philippines. I decided to transfer in a bigger school. It’s a university then.

Whatever we do to not to stop the rain, it will eventually stop once it’s already done pouring. Just like us, people may come and go. They are not force to stay if they don’t want to. Even if we like to create our own rain, we can’t do that because we are not God and we are just a mere mortal. The rain that you waited a long time ago became a strong typhoon that destroyed your innocent heart. Sometimes life has a funny way of ruining your life but has a funny way of helping you to become a better one. Who knows? That rain your cursing to is what can make your life a stronger you. You became unbeatable. Even the strongest typhoon can’t make you easily give up.

There is always sunshine after the rain. After the heavy rains with thunders, you will still find a hope on it. The destroyed houses, damaged source of living or businesses, people who lost their family and relatives because of the calamity and animals that lost their shades, I still believe that there’s still our Almighty God to guide and help us. I knew He will never leave us. We just simply have to trust His will. And I believed that this rain that passed and gone into my life will never be a hindrance to continue my challenging yet exciting journey. It’s like rain on my miserable day, isn’t it a blessing in disguise? At least they will never notice that I am crying while standing in the rain. A tear that runs down on my face and the rain which become my handkerchief trying to wipe all my tears away. The bad times I’ve been through together with the rain will always be only during that rain and once the rain is over, it will disappear, too. It will become soon a memory then.

I know in time, there’s a rain that destined to pour for me. And the next time that rain come into my life, I will never let that rain ruin my life instead I will make that rain, every drop of it, a sign of new hope, new life, new blessings and love that never fade. If I have to ask God His permission to continue on pouring rains, I will do it.

Rain can make our lives put in danger but also can help us in our daily living. We must be ready whenever the rain comes. In fact, we are lucky enough because we have now PAG-ASA/NASA to warn us. I’m just kidding. We never know that the constant pouring of rain now becomea typhoon or worst supertyphoon. Just like Ondoy, now the typhoon Maring and the supertyphoon Yolanda/ Haiyan that killed thousands of people in the Philippines. My point is? We have to prepare ourselves from everything especially the lightning that will strikes in our lives. We should not go into the mainstream of things (Just like water in the stream that goes only with the flow), believe me, it will never make you stand in the crowd instead try to walk in the rain. You will appreciate the beauty of it- the beauty of life that you are not alone.



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