What is Sacrifice?

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What will you sacrifice in the name of love? For other people? For your special someone? For your family? For your country?What is the biggest sacrifice you ever did or you will do?

Every human being is worth sacrificing for. I believed that in every sacrifice you do there’s always a connected love despite of all the troubles we get. Rejections, humiliations, disappointments, pressure, pain and even our conscience are part of what they called “sacrifice”. Some people even sacrifice their own life for the sake of other people because they believe that that person is worth dying for. And it’s all worth it.

Just like people in the military or army service who sacrifice their lives so that other people may live. They sacrifice their lives despite the family they leave without even have a guarantee that they will come back safely for the love of its country. They are not scared to face the bullets that might hit on their bodies, a wounded co-army who’s trying to fight between life and death, the sweat that runs on their heads and the unpleasant environment they are into. I doubt if they even get some sleep. They will pick up their guns and go back to the inhuman job of killing. For the sake of peace.  Even if they don’t want to kill their enemies but I guess they have to because it’s their job to bring peace and order in our country. They are truly our heroes of today. We should be grateful to them because without them I guess crime would be a common thing, bad people will never be put in jail and we can never have a world peace.

To our doctors who sacrifice their time so that other people may continue their lives. Even if there is no assurance that their operations may be a successful one or the other way around, they try to do their very best. Yes, they are not gods but they try their best to save other people lives. They are not superheroes also and obviously they don’t have powers to wake up dead people. They are just human who try to make use of their learning about certain things-medicine.

To our lawyers who never stop studying and investigating about their cases so that the truth will always prevail and the damn suspect will make sure put in jail. To our engineers who build our houses, buildings and bridges so that others have a shelter during rainy days and a road to be taken. Even our farmers and fishermen who never think about the heat of the angry sun and the change weather so that their families will have something to feed their empty stomach. Also for the benefits of other people. Our businessmen and businesswomen who took the risk to invest so that something relevant might happen even without a guarantee that there money will return. Our great vendors, construction workers, housemaids whose sacrifice their families to work with the other families. Our scientists who never stop discovering something worthwhile that will contribute for the betterment of the human race. To our reporters who make such great efforts to find some information of what’s happening around the world.

All there hard works which sweat and blood are their main sources. All of it is the fruit of their sacrifices. How about you? What did you sacrifice? What will you sacrifice?


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