The 14 Types of Girlfriends


Love is in the air as the month of February came (yeah, February 14 is near approaching). I admit that I’m not an expert when it comes in relationship or love matters. I’m also aware even at my very young age that love and relationships are somewhat hard to argue and understand. If I misjudged, misunderstood, overstated and understated such terms in this article, my sincere apology for that matter.

1. The Detective-Spy- Lawyer
Wew! Be extra careful of what you do or else you’ll definitely just mess up. If you will do something not nice to her eyes, you better watch out! Your girlfriend might follow you (or maybe she’s ahead of you). If you’re going to cheat, make sure not to leave any evidences (usually she will check your phone, email, facebook account, etc). Always ready yourself for her non-stop interrogating.

2. The Drama Queen
The best drama actress goes to…my girlfriend. You know what sucks more? She is always the bida (protagonist) and you’re always the kontrabida (antagonist)! I really don’t know if they are just an attention seeker, acting, being such a brat or what! Cries in front of you, wants always to defend her, and wants always to care for her and lot-of-dramatic moves. Argghh, can I pull down her hair, slap her face and knock her down? Excuse me! I just want to remind you that this is not a drama movie that you have to act like you are always the pitiful one.

3. The Superwoman
You are one of the luckiest guys on earth if you have a girlfriend like her. All your needs are comin’ right away. You don’t have to worry because she is always there to make sure that everything’s okay. Chef, housemaid, secretary, doctor, principal, nurse, etc (check!)! She is certainly more like Mom than a girlfriend. It’s such a shame for you if you’ll just take her for granted and find some brat out there.

4. The Come-and-Go
Today, your status is ‘in relationship’ then tomorrow is back to ‘single and available’. Can’t think of a reason on why it has to end so soon like that? Simply because both of you are not ready to be in a relationship. It’s not that you are not meant to be, it’s just that not everything you want, you will have it. Things don’t work out for both of you. Usually, you will encounter her when you decided to have a one night stand.

5. The Love-for-Convenience
It’s quite a shame for me (because I am a girl too) to include this but it’s true. Some girls usually find a guy who can support them not just emotionally, physically, romantically but also financially. Let’s not being hypocrite here! All of us want to have a better or stable life not just for a while but last a lifetime. Gold-digger? Nope. Just practical. She will learn to love you in the long run (or maybe not at all)

6. The Insecure
Girls do have a lot of insecurities in life (guilty here). She wants to be the prettiest girl in the universe. She wants to be your center of attraction and attention. She wants to be your “everything”. You better have a bundle of patience if your girlfriend is like her, guys!

7. The Romantic
Love songs, red roses, romantic places and love stories. C’mon guys! This will not eat your ego if your girlfriend has a lot of better things to do and places she knows when it comes to love matters. She just wants to make things romantically wonderful and perfect.  Girls want to have their love stories end always with a happy-ever-after. So bare with us!

8. The Nun
I’m not literally saying a nun like a very religious one here. No boyfriend since birth, still a virgin and very sensitive and conservative. She follows a very strict rule in your relationship: Ghost Rule. No touch, no holding hands, no kiss and definitely no sex until you propose to her and get married! C’mon baby, I know that this one is very hard to find and I’m sure it will take you a very long wait. But she is worth the wait and I think that’s what all guys are looking for, am I right? (I guess).

9. The One that Got Away
Ex-girlfriend. Not all relationship last forever. Some (or I think mostly) guys don’t took their girlfriends seriously. Just fling! Flirtationship. Or maybe they have a misunderstanding. Or maybe they are not ready. Or maybe they needed more time to think or what they called soul-searching. Or maybe they are not meant to be. That’s why they decided to broke up with each other and finds their happiness in a separate ways. “It’s not you, it’s me” is the common line in breaking up with someone else. Love will find its way back to where your heart belongs. Don’t lose hope especially to those who broke up but still love each other. And of course, please DON’T ASSUME that they will come back!

10. The Boss
This is also called the Perfectionist. This is the type of girlfriend who is very demanding and most of the time commanding. She is always right when it comes to everything. What you wear, how you look, how you stand, etc. Although it helps and improves you a lot but c’mon, don’t you think that she’s crashing your male ego.

11. The Bitter One
This is definitely the type of girlfriend who can’t move on and can’t accept that the relationship they build together either in a short term or long term was over. She has lots of what ifs and what could-have-been. What if we did not broke up or let him go? What if I fight for him? Paano kung hindi na ako nag-inarte noon (what if I did not make some damn excuses before). WHAT IF. Mostly, when you say that ‘you know what, you’re full of bitterness’ she will immediately deny it. C’mon! Stop being such a damn loser. When you broke up with your boyfriend, leave it behind. Still hurts? Just think that you will just shop inside the mall and leave your heavy baggage to the counter!

12. The Jealous Girl
Sometimes it’s nice to know that your girlfriend is jealous ‘cause it means that she is afraid to lose you. But it’s not necessarily too often. It came to the point that even your mother or sister, she will get jealous too. Sometimes she crossed already the boundary on your private life. Even the little things you do, she finds it fishy. Wooh!

13. The Masochist
I think this is a type of girlfriend who is head over heels in love with her boyfriend. Even if she found out that her boyfriend was kissing with someone else. She’s aware that her boyfriend is kicking her out of his life. Even though her partner is cheating she just ignores it for the love of her life. Usually, she practices herself to be numb in everything. Pretentious. Pretending that everything’s okay. She rather hurt herself than accept everything is falling apart. She doesn’t want others see her like a weak lamb. Trying to hide her shattered being that’s why she decided to be strong.

14. The Perfect Girl
She has a beautiful face, oozing sex appeal, sexy, has a saint attitude, has a brilliant mind like Einstein and she is a girl whom you can be proud to face to everybody. She is your dream girl. Exactly, a DREAM GIRL which in reality didn’t exist. Just in your wildest dream. That’s why it’s called “Dream Girl”. Just kidding.

Note: This article is based from what I observed and my own point of view only. Sorry for the not-so-good words I used in this article. And I’m sorry girls if I hurt your ego (I didn’t mean it). No hard feelings here.


13 comments on “The 14 Types of Girlfriends

  1. skinnyuz2b says:

    Good observations, Paradise. During my late teens and all through my twenties, I have to admit I was the ‘come and go’. I loved the thrill of the chase. Once I got the guy, no matter how nice he was, I felt tied down. Luckily I wised up when I turned 28 and met my Pookie-Pie.


    • Thanks for dropping by at my blog and reading one of those…actually, i kinda have a hesitation if I should post this article because i think lots of girls will react on this but thanks foe letting me know that this article kinda make sense (in a positive way).


  2. Mich-in-French says:

    A very clever piece of writing! Hope all your girlfriends all laugh with you on this one – loved your observations…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How true! And what a pretty looking blog. Thanks so much for following me on Cold 🙂


  4. momfawn says:

    Your blog is lovely! Thank you for following me at Triggershorse. – Fawn


  5. Hi Zoelie. Relationships work for some not others. After two ex-wives. I became an independent man! Concentrating on my writing. Inspiration from anything Paranormal! Conspiracy theories! my Imagination! and Life! Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures! So nice to meet you Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. D K Powell says:

    Ha ha so which one are you? O.o

    Liked by 1 person

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