3 Signs You’re In A ‘Situationship’

Kinda relate on this blog post by Thought Catalog! I know that lots of people out there (at least i’m not the only one) who has been in this kind of situation…a relationship without label! It’s like what they called friend-zoned and seen-zoned! 🙂

Thought Catalog

Situationship (n.): dynamics that are based on sexual compatibility, habit, and fear of loneliness – far from what a true, loving relationship is all about. -X.D.

It seems that people can’t stay out of situationships these days. Coming from experience, situationships are so promising in the beginning. You’ve finally found someone to fulfill your needs with supposedly no strings attached. And suddenly it crashes and burns because you or the other person couldn’t keep your mouth shut and enjoy the ride. Sound familiar?   Here are the three main signs that you’re in a situationship.

Like CrazyLike Crazy

1. Admit it. You’re involved with this person because you’re lonely.

You’ve been single for God knows how long. You got tired of sleeping alone and consistent sex with someone you kind of know, kind of are attracted to, kind of like is better than hugging a body pillow and masturbating.

2. There…

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