Siargao Island



It’s been a while guys! Sorry if lately  i’m not active here because I was so busy doing something relevant to my future! hope you understand! Thanks to granny that she allowed us to have a vacation in the beautiful island called Siargao! I have also this opportunity to watch the International Surfing competition-women this coming May 6-10 exact to my vacation (May 7-14)! unfortunately, I’m a bit late for the opening of this said competition. But then again, I will enjoy there!

Siargao Island is a special place for me because it’s my father’s hometown! I visited the place 4 years ago and I am so excited to visit the paradise again. The white sand beaches, the amazing rock formations, the delicious food, the amazing people, the beautiful sunrise and sunset and the great memories left when i was a kid! Yes! I lived there for quite awhile. See you!


6 comments on “Siargao Island

  1. Wow what a gorgeous place.


  2. Rose says:

    That place looks amazing! Hope you have fun on your surf-watching adventure!


  3. I’m not much of a swimmer – and I live near the Atlantic Ocean – but that scuba diving sure looks like fun. Great photos.


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