9 Things Women Will Always Find Attractive In Men

…and the most important, he knows how to take care of a good woman! 🙂

Thought Catalog

Yesterday, Rob Fee discussed the 8 things men will always find attractive in women. As these things go — dissecting the nuances of what differentiates men and women is the grand national pastime of the Internet, after all — I got to wondering: what are the things that are always attractive in men, no matter what “your type” is? Whether you’re into Channing Tatum’s rippling pectorals or Shia Labeuf’s… Labeufy-ness, what is going to make you notice a guy across the room? I asked my girlfriends (who, it should be noted, all have vastly different opinions of what constitutes attractiveness in the guys they date) and pretty unsurprisingly, beneath nuanced types and funny fetishes, the core things boil down to be… the same. 

1. He’s good with his mom (and other female members of his family.)

Being respectful to his mother is a huge indicator of how a guy…

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6 comments on “9 Things Women Will Always Find Attractive In Men

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  3. some of these are true indicators 🙂


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