15 Reasons Why Your Haters Hate You

Now i fully understand why i have haters exist in this world it’s because i was born. LOL

Thought Catalog

1. Because you have something that they don’t.

Whether is it your new Paco Rabanne fragrance, your new house, your new tattoo or your life in general, you possess something they don’t — and that upsets them. Because they realize that life can be unfair, and that some people can have things or do things in life that others can’t. Perhaps they even desire what you have but don’t quite know how they themselves can achieve those things. When haters can’t figure why they lack the things they lack, or how they can get the things they lack, they become very angry individuals. To help themselves cope with this sense of frustration, they hate. This is how they deal with their feelings of inadequacy and inferiority after comparing themselves with others — by putting it on you.

2. Because they think you don’t deserve it.

They look at your fame…

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2 comments on “15 Reasons Why Your Haters Hate You

  1. charlypriest says:

    jealousy is not good, I like haters because that means they are the ones who are walking around pissed off most of the day. But for me it´s quite a waste of my time to be jealous of somebody else, there´s no point in wanting to be someone else. You have to know what you know and know what you are capable off and what you are not and work within that parameter and be happy with it. That usually makes life more gratifying than comparing yourself to others.

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  2. Before, I was always pissed off because of haters out there ’cause maybe I’m not used to it…I mean don’t they have nothing to do than to mind other people’s business! but now, oh how I love them so much! It means that I’m on top of them 🙂 haters gonna hate!


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