Looking for paradise? Places to go for vacation? Want some adventures? Budget travel? Join me as I travel the world to find great places in this beautiful world, tour around the Philippines and let’s do some adventures without wasting your money or left you empty-pocket.

Can’t get enough with food? Looking for some great food for your craving stomach? Let’s try and discover some recipes around my grandma’s recipe book 1&2!

Do you believe in fate? How about destiny? Love at first sight? Or are you the one who still believe that true love do exist? Waiting for the right time, right place and the right man? Friend-zoned? Broken hearted? In love? Want to share some secrets? Let’s talk about it heart to heart. Want some tips and advice? Welcome to the club. The stranger will try to heal your broken heart and fall in love over and over again!

To all the hopeless romantic, travelers/wanderers, life lover, writers and foodies out there. The Stranger Canvas will feed all your needs about photography, travel and adventures,  fitness and style, food and love matters.

The stranger made this blog to show off her home country. She had been travelling around the Philippines ever since when she was still in grade school. Back then, she fell in love with being on the road and voila! She considered the road as her second home. From Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon, east-west-north-south, civilized and far from civilization, rural to urban to tribes, join her as she discovers the great culture of Filipinos. 10 years ago, she dared herself to travel each side of the Philippines. She wants other people to see how beautiful her country and this world can be, how great people are and how wonderful life is.

Invest in experience! Visit the Philippines and travel the world. There is more to life than work and money. Enjoy life and travel. I dare you to travel and you will understand the stranger.

This is a personal blog. I considered this as my diary/journal. I will be posting my experiences, events, likes and anything about me, myself and I:)


https://paradiseofstrangers.wordpress.com  is provided for general purposes only and all opinions expressed here are personal judgments. None of the content or opinions is ever meant to harm or malign any ethnic group, club, religion, company, organization or individual. The content published on this blog is protected by copyright, and any unauthorized copying, republishing, uploading, posting and duplicating of any of the material is prohibited without my permission.



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