Enjoy the little things!

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” -Robert Brault

Carpe Diem Moments

The most beautiful things in life are so close and simple, and those life’s simple pleasures are very often overlooked.

Someone told me to always live for the little things in life. Enjoy the little things more. Therefore a selection of the little things I enjoy. What about these?

  • Being in a great mood for no particular reason.
  • An outdoor walk or a couple of hours at the beach at the end of the day where you’ll see colors in the sky that don’t usually belong.
  • A cup of green tea and reading a good book.
  • Doing Pilates, taking pictures or doing whatever you love.
  • The excitement when you hear the beginning of your favorite song.
  • The way the ends of your hair feel after a haircut.
  • Inspiring quotes.
  • Tears from laughing so hard.
  • Blowing bubbles or playground swings. 🙂
  • Making Summer or holiday plans.
  • Deep conversations with your best…

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15 Reasons Why Your Haters Hate You

Now i fully understand why i have haters exist in this world it’s because i was born. LOL

Thought Catalog

1. Because you have something that they don’t.

Whether is it your new Paco Rabanne fragrance, your new house, your new tattoo or your life in general, you possess something they don’t — and that upsets them. Because they realize that life can be unfair, and that some people can have things or do things in life that others can’t. Perhaps they even desire what you have but don’t quite know how they themselves can achieve those things. When haters can’t figure why they lack the things they lack, or how they can get the things they lack, they become very angry individuals. To help themselves cope with this sense of frustration, they hate. This is how they deal with their feelings of inadequacy and inferiority after comparing themselves with others — by putting it on you.

2. Because they think you don’t deserve it.

They look at your fame…

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9 Things Women Will Always Find Attractive In Men

…and the most important, he knows how to take care of a good woman! 🙂

Thought Catalog

Yesterday, Rob Fee discussed the 8 things men will always find attractive in women. As these things go — dissecting the nuances of what differentiates men and women is the grand national pastime of the Internet, after all — I got to wondering: what are the things that are always attractive in men, no matter what “your type” is? Whether you’re into Channing Tatum’s rippling pectorals or Shia Labeuf’s… Labeufy-ness, what is going to make you notice a guy across the room? I asked my girlfriends (who, it should be noted, all have vastly different opinions of what constitutes attractiveness in the guys they date) and pretty unsurprisingly, beneath nuanced types and funny fetishes, the core things boil down to be… the same. 

1. He’s good with his mom (and other female members of his family.)

Being respectful to his mother is a huge indicator of how a guy…

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10 Reasons Having Twins Is Awesome

Thought Catalog

1. The 2 for 1 deal.

I did not enjoy pregnancy and counted down the days until it was over and I could shed the 75, yes 75 pounds that I gained and feel like I had some control over my body again. Having twins is incredibly hard, but knowing I’m not going to be pregnant again (or at least for a very, very long time) is a big plus.

2. The attention.

Being pregnant with (and being a mom to) twins, you feel like a celebrity. When they’re babies, everyone you walk by will enthusiastically exclaim, “Is it twiiiiiins?!?!” The answer to this question is so painfully obvious that some could find it annoying, however when you are stuck in the house with twin babies feeling like you have absolutely no idea what you are doing day after day after day, any human interaction feels like a win. Especially…

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13 Ways You Know You’re Dating A High-Quality Woman

Thought Catalog

Forgetting Sarah MarshallForgetting Sarah Marshall

1. She encourages you to pursue your goals, but she doesn’t micromanage. She trusts you to make the right decisions in your own life. She’s the cheerleader, not the coach.

2. She doesn’t try to make you jealous. She’s secure in her worth, and your ability to recognize how valuable she is. She doesn’t need to play games to “trick” you into seeing her her for what she is.

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3. She doesn’t have a princess complex. She demands that you treat her with respect — but because she is a person you love, not because she is a woman and therefore magically entitled to something. Just as she would expect you to treat your friends and family with respect, she knows you wouldn’t treat her any other way. A high-quality woman wouldn’t be with a man who was disrespectful…

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The 50 Most Romantic Movies Ever Made


Ah, Valentine’s Day: flowers, candy, gifts, overpriced dinners, and wildly outsized expectations. And we can blame the movies for most of those expectations; few genres are as unfairly fantasy-based as the romance, and as prone to send jaded viewers like us into fits of gagging. But we’re also not made of wood; there are a good number of romantic movies that get us right in the old ticker. As a matter of fact, there are about 50 of them.

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