10 Things You Didn’t Know About a Traveler

Vagabond, rambler, wanderer, traveler, drifter, maunder, gadabout, wayfarer, (beach) bum, nomad, or adventurer. Whatever you are, we have one thing in common, we travel. Travel? Is that the only thing we have in common?

I am broke…

I’m not rich. In fact, most of the time, I’m struggling. Struggle to eat thrice a day, to stay in my grandparent’s house, to pay my bills, to support my daily use, etc. I don’t have a single penny left in the bank. I spend it all in travelling. I invested it all in experience, best captures, good food, with great locals and life lessons. I don’t care if I am broke… I’m still rich in something worthwhile- good memories. Currently, I am saving for my next place ‘cause my grandma wants me to find my own place. She said “Get out! Get Lost! Move away!”. Now I’m ready again to be broke!

I am lost…

Will somebody out there try to call 911. Someone is lost. My soul is lost. Lost in an incredible moment. I often ask myself, where in this beautiful world I am? Is this real or am I just dreaming. ‘Cause if I am, I don’t want to wake up anymore. I found my new place and it’s called wanderland. Wanderlust. Yes! That’s the right word. Don’t dare to find me. You will just lost like me. And trust me baby, you will just drown in memories.

I am drowning…

As the lifeguard tries to save me, I just said, just let me. So he let me be. I am drowning… drowning in memories. Is that okay? Yes! Like John Legend said,”my head’s under water, but I’m breathing fine”. I know it’s crazy, but that’s all I want right now. Good vibes, better feeling and best experience.  I just want to drown in the vast sea, in the field full of sunflowers, drown in the endless beauty of sunrises and sunsets, drown in pure bliss, etc. If I’m going to die right now, please open my travel diary, read  it and get my last will and testament which I folded it twice and use it as a bookmark. It said there that, all my wealth from travels- experiences, memories, and captures will go to the one who take the time to read this article. I don’t have children nor a husband ‘cause I am still single so I pass it all to you.

I am single…

I am single and that’s okay ‘cause I’m happy. My singleness is such a big deal for everybody. Most of time, they often ask me where in the world is my boyfriend. Or the funniest question I ever heard, are you a lesbian? And the weird thing..is your heart still beating? Yes! It doesn’t mean that I am single, I have so much hatred for guys. It’s not that I don’t have time for human feelings. It’s just that, I love my freedom very much and I find freedom whenever I’m on the road. I’m not forcing you to understand me right now, but someday baby, you will understand me.  And to those who asked me, did I ever fall in love? I have fallen in love and I am falling in love to “him”.

 I am in love…

I am in love right now. In love with the places I’ve been to. In love with the people I met along the way. In love with the thought of being in love and happily in love with him- named “travel”. His name sounds familiar to you? Yes! I’m not kidding, baby! The first time I knew him, I fell in love with him. There’s something about him that I can’t resist.  Some people mistakenly thought that love is an emotion or a feeling when in fact it is an action. “Travel” always gives me flowers, watch the sunrises and sunsets with me, an addictive smile, a walk in the park, visit to the museums, a day at the beach, an adventure in the mountains, a date in the bench under the lamp-post, a romantic dinner in the street with the best menus-street food, discover some havens with me and everything under the sun. “Travel” never leave me. That’s why I am never afraid to take chances and follow the stars. I love you “travel” to the moon and back!

I am not afraid…

Being with the people they called strangers, staying in unfamiliar places, experiencing different culture and religions, sleep in a Nipa hut, train/ferry stations, or just in the hammock, I am not afraid anymore. I don’t want to be that coward before who just follow what other people say ‘cause she’s afraid to take chances. Now, I am facing the world. A wonderful world indeed. And I am positive enough to every remaining days. I want to live my life the way I wanted it to be and I am not afraid anymore. I just want to live a simple life and be happy.

I am happy…

Just do it. Doing something of what you really dream of, even if some people don’t totally agree with you- go against the odds. Following your bliss even if it means leaving our love ones for a while. Pursuing on something worthwhile even if it means sacrificing your comfortable life. Trying to live life to the best we could. That’s happiness. We gotta fight for it. When we fight, we have to fight all the damn way through. I don’t have any regrets that I follow my heart, my dream, my bliss and my happiness. I am happy that I make a difference even in my own little way and I learned it all in travelling.

I am learning…

Travelling taught us many things in life that we can’t learn and find it in school. Travelling taught us to be empathizing, more sensitive to others, valuing life, time and human race, down to earth, helping our mother earth, embracing ourselves, understanding other people even we have different languages, etc. We learn to help other people, to respect their culture and religions, to understand their souls, to embody their beliefs, to live like a local, to keep humble as much as we can, to embrace our imperfections, to be familiar with our strengths and weaknesses and a lot-of-things-not-ended. There’s so much to learn while travelling. Experience is our best teacher and we are those wanderers who eagerly wants to learn and hungry and thirsty to new possibilities and ideas no matter how hard it is.

I am hungry and thirsty…

Hungry of exploring this beautiful mad world. Of discovering the hidden wonders of the world. Of walking through the moon and floating in the galaxy, swimming in the Milky Way, wandering under the sun and loving every inch of humankind. I am thirsty of all those thoughts. Even the vast sea, the underwater, the raindrops are not enough. I am so thirsty…thirsty to experience what this world can offer.

I am who I am…

We often misjudged by other people, misunderstood by many, discrimination seems our buddy, despise by ignorant, and envy of society. No matter what other people say about you, good or bad, it will not define the real you. People have always something to say and let them be. Don’t listen to them. Just follow your heart and you will never get lost. We are born to be wild. We are born to be nomads. We are who we are. A lover of life, a wanderer, a soul believer, a freedom seeker. We are a traveler and will always be.

“Have the guts to do it, to be yourself, to follow your dreams, to follow your heart, to follow your bliss. Have the guts to wander. “



P.S Sorry if it took me a while to update my blog because I’m too damn busy in my studies, internship and travels. Finished on my internship already so I have now more time to publish stories/writing which I put it all on “Draft” for almost 3 months.


Happy 1st Anniversary!


Thank you very much for the great support guys! Thank you for reading and visiting The Stranger Canvas 🙂 To all the hopeless romantic, life lovers, foodies, travelers, fashionistas out there, a big thanks to all of you guys! Here’s a one-year recap! Have a great day everyone! Happy blogging!

Love lots,
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How Do I live Without You?


It’s a bit ironic because I am a hopeless romantic person yet I don’t believe in happily-ever-after. Yes! You read it right. I don’t believe in love at first sight. I love stories which end up the main character died in a tragic accident or illnesses. I don’t believe in fate or destiny.  Should I have the right to be included to be called “Hopeless Romantic”? Before you judge me or I’ll bet your thinking that i’m crazy, let me just explain my side and tell you something about it.

I was a working student back then. I have to worked hard everyday to make a living. I was assigned as the head officer in the laundry and in the canteen as a cashier by mother superior. Let me just say that I am not a nun. Like I said I was just a working student. I studied Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in Mathematics. When I already earned a degree I worked as a teacher and tutor in high school. I never thought of falling in love because I’m too busy for that to include in my hectic schedule but I guess we don’t have a control about it when cupid enters our life.

He was a working student too. A graduating law student. A part-time professor by day, a junior lawyer associate by afternoon and a student by night. Yes! He was such a hard working and intelligent man. We knew each other because we have the same hometown. Whenever my relatives had an occasion, he was always there. I didn’t get close to him because I was too shy back then. They were very good friends with my cousins. They talked about everything. He seems an articulate man. I knew that it’s not good to eavesdropped but I can’t help myself to look at him and listened to his very good English. Whenever he visited at our place, he never forgets to bring some foods for the whole family. I lived in my relatives only.

Maybe I was not ugly back then. I have a lot of admirers who never failed to send me a box of chocolates and love letters. But as I said, I was too busy to entertain them. I did not come to the city to find a husband. I came there to study and find a good job to support my family in the province. After my class, I have to tutor some students. I came home late because of that. Since he lived in the neighborhood, he always visited me and my cousins at our place. He was the one who reads my love letters. He was good to me and I easily became close to him and treated him like my brother. Frankly, I admit that he was not a heartthrob or any knight and shining armour.


Then one day, we had a special gathering. He was the president in the association (i forgot the name of the association). He invited all of us to come at the party. I really don’t have any plan to join them but my Uncle was begging me to attend the party which I can’t say no. I did not have any efforts to dress up. I even wore just a plain dress. The crowd was so lively but I can’t even force myself to enjoy the night. I got bored. Then, every guy in the party has to choose a lady they want to dance in the center floor. When it was Arnaldo’s (it’s his name) turn, I was in the state of shocked because he wants me to dance with him. I was so naive before. I did not dance with him. In short, i did not accept his hand to dance with him. I run straight to the door and leave the party. They said that he was so drunk in the party that night. Actually, they said that he doesn’t usually drink liquor but because of that incident, I guess alcohol was his only way to save his pride and ego.

I continuously received a box of chocolates and love letters. Honestly, all letters had a nice contents and I had to admit that they were very good. Some of them had their names, acronym and pen name put in the end of the letter. I can’t help myself but to think and ask who these guys are. Although Arnaldo and I had a little misunderstanding, he never failed to visit me at my place. One time, he reads me one of the letters of my admirers.  “I love you very much that I can’t live without seeing you everyday. I will do everything just to make you happy and I will never give up on you if this is just a start of our forever and happily-ever-after” he reads. Of course, as a normal lady, who can’t fall in love with those beautiful words that seem promises a good and happy future? But then again, Arnaldo always against on my admirers who send all those love letters. He sometimes said “who do you think is this bastard? What a pitiful stupid fool!”

One night, I came home earlier than my usual time; I heard my uncle and Arnaldo talking about something. It seems an important matter. Although I heard something that their talking about me, I did not took it seriously. Then one day, my cousin told me that the one who always send me some box of chocolates and love letters with different names and acronym written on it is Arnaldo. Yes! It was him! All those years, he betrayed me. A sweet betrayal a matter-of-factly. So, the bastard and pitiful stupid fool like he said was himself? It took me a day before everything sunk in.


I did not talk to him after that. I tried my best not to cross our way. But life was not on my side. Life also betrayed me and left me with no choice. My mother and brother send me a letter that they want me to go back to the province and give them money. I promised myself not to go back to the place where only bad memories were there. I hated my brother and the life I was before. That was the time I confronted Arnaldo. “Do you really love me?” I asked. He said yes. “Then let’s get married” I said. He was so shocked that time because supposedly it was his line. But I don’t have any choice. I don’t want to go back in our province. Maybe you’ll think that I only married him for convenience. Of course, I do love him so much. Remember that I said I was attracted with him? Actually, I loved him the second time my eyes saw him (not love at first sight). It was so fast I did not even realize that I was already married to the man I loved a long time ago after one day. We got married in civil. I said to my mother and brother that I got married already and I can’t come to visit them. He help me about my family problem and also financially.


After seven years of our marriage, I have to make some big adjustments in my life. At the age of 32, I was already widowed. My life became miserable. I don’t know how to start all over again and how to live without him. But then again, with the help of my relatives, co-teachers and the people around me, I easily accepted everything. Things fall apart so that better things can fall together.  Everything happens for a reason. God will never take anything away from us without giving us something better. We simply have to trust His will. I took the job in Africa as a teacher there. It also helps me a lot to recover easily and woke up from this nightmare.


When we know how to fall in love, we should also know how to fall out of love. It’s one of my rules when it comes in love. We seek for things which sometimes impossible to find when in fact it’s already been there. We just did not realize it. I tell you, we should never get tired in finding our true love. And when you already found the one, please make the most of it and cherish every day, hour, minute and second because it will never be back and it will never be same. When you fight, you have to fight all the damn way through. Don’t be like me. I already had my chance but I just took it for granted. It’s now too late for me to bring back the old times. I just hope everything will be okay and I hope I will never stop loving. Fate or destiny? We are the one who make our own fate or destiny. Everything we do has its consequences whether it’s good or bad. I guess that’s what I learned from my logic class. It’s quite simple but it makes sense. I just want to say that love stories should never end with happily-ever-after or happy ending because I believe that true love never ends. It should continue its story like infinity.

Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

You’re Still The One



We imagine our first kiss, first love, first crush and our first I love you but we never imagine our first heartbreak. Maybe we are just in love of the thoughts of being in love. Love songs, romantic dates, red roses and romantic places. Admit it to yourself that we want also our fairy tale ends with happily-ever-after. Like Romeo and Juliet proved that love really conquers all. It sounds great to fall in love right? How about if you are the next victim of cupid who never the intention to enter the game of love but you innocently still did? What are you going to do?

It started one early morning on our campus. I was running going to my first class when somebody bumped me. All my things scattered on the floor. Worst, the guy who bumped me did not even give a damn to check or look if I’m okay or still alive. I checked my eyeglasses if it still okay (actually I still can see even without my eyeglasses). Then one guy approached me and helps me get my things. Gentleman still exists nowadays, huh? It was such a nice act. I supposed to say thank you to the guy but my tongue refused to mouth an array of words. The guy was dropped gorgeous, his brown eyes and perfect curve of his lips makes me wanna repeat the whole thing if this guy will always be there. Arghh! I thought an angel came down from heaven and I was the lucky girl who happened to witness it. Back to reality, the guy just looks at me with his questioning eyes and annoyed face. How can an angry man still look handsome on that face? I immediately get my books and go straight to my class. When I was about to enter the room, the guy who help me was there, too. Is he stalking me? That’s impossible! Omg, Is he my professor? I don’t think so. Or is he my classmate? That would be great. I was looking for some vacant seat and there you go I found an empty two chairs at the back. Wait! It means we are seatmate? I’ll be the happiest girl on earth if that will happen. And my wish granted.

The next morning, we became close to each other. And as I did my research about this guy I found out that he is a consistent dean lister and wait! He’s a campus head turner? One of the campus heartthrobs. What a nice credential. No wonder all the girls on our department are dying just to be close to him, get his number and ask for a date. So I am lucky then. He was a graduating student and I was still a freshman student. For the second time of my life, my young heart did not only beat for myself but for other people also (the first one was a news reporter). We talked, laughed, joked and he became one of my lunch buddies. I think of him when I’m doing nothing. I think of him when I’m doing something. I am constantly thinking of him every second. What will you do if you started falling in love with your friend? Yes! I’m in love with my friend. Friend-zoned? Maybe. But partly a one sided love. He’s in love with somebody else. Not just a typical girl like me. She was our class president, dean lister and the most beautiful in our class. While I was the nerd and shy girl in class who hates the parties and crowd. What a dull rivalry. While I was trying to make him notice me, my great rival was pretty relaxed because she doesn’t need to give a damn effort just to catch the attention of my friend/crush. It was really unfair! The only card in my hand was that he’s always with me. That’s what friends are for, right? The guy asked for my advices on how to win a woman’s heart. What do you think of giving a piece of advice to your friend/crush how the girl will fall for him? It’s kinda bit one hell of pain. You wish to the star that ‘I hope it was me, instead’ I want to grab the hair of my classmate, knock her down and make her beg for being such a perfect girl. Perfect is indeed boring so I guess I should never lose my hope. But how can I do that if I was such a big coward. I can’t even say to my friend that I was in love with him. For almost half a year, I remained silent in one side and try to wait for the right time and right place. Sometimes we pretend to be okay despite the damages our heart have been through. It feels like hell. You know what hurts most about pretending? You try to smile in front of everybody but deep inside you want to scream to the world that you’re badly hurt- your heart turn into small pieces. Then one day, the guy came to me with his killer smile, that time, I told myself that I will be brave now to confess my feelings for him. When I was about to say my feelings for him, he told me “Thanks for your good advice. She’s now my girlfriend” Boom! It was a strong slapped on my face. Life is really so unfair. When you are already ready to tell what you intend to say and you realized that it’s already too late. I asked myself “what did I missed?” I’m not really that ugly; I’m also intelligent, religious and gifted in music. Why he chose the other girl instead of me? Maybe we don’t have what they called “chemistry” because we will just remain in “physics” (just kidding).

That was my second heartbreak. I pity my innocent heart. I saw them in the canteen, laughing and eating together. They were such a cute couple. I’m happy for my friend because I can see from his beautiful eyes that he was madly, deeply in love with the girl. Putting aside my broken heart and shattered being. Imagine the intensity 10 earthquake hits the Philippines? It’s more than that. I was devastated as if I lost everything, shattered and probably unable to bring back my old me. It’s killing me softly. But then again, I try to hold on and maintain my composure as possible. I became pretentious. I pretended to smile, laugh, and everything’s okay. As days passed by, I started picking up the little pieces of me. Little by little I try to accept everything. That you can’t have everything you want.

Then one day, when I fully recovered from all the pain they caused, the guy came to me with a heavy heart. He told me that the girl broke up with him. I said to myself that I should avoid him as possible and continue my life. But how can you refuse a guy crying in front of you which who happen to be the man you once love? Honestly, I was a bit happy about what happened. Am I too selfish and mean if I said that I’m happy that they broke up and now here is the guy crying in front of me trying to get my comfort? Then there I was again, the girl to the rescue. Even if I knew that there’s no guarantee that he will fall for me too. We became close again with each other. We became best friend. The old times brought back again. Then here it is again, my heart begun to beat for him. I told myself that this time, I will make sure that no matter what happen or hindrances I will confess my feelings for him. No turning back at all.

Then as his graduation day came. We were both happy about our achievements (He graduated cum laude and I became a consistent dean lister). Everything was perfect until the time her mother said that they will migrate to America for good. I was about to say to him that I love him when his mother said “Son, say goodbye now to your best friend”. Again, it was too late. During the time when God released the blessings, maybe I was the last one who got the final blessing. Funny how we realize everything when it is already too late. Funny how this isn’t funny at all. When he was about to say goodbye, I can’t help my tears. He said they will come back very soon. But if there’s one thing I hold on to is that he said that he loves me and he will be back for me. It hurts inside but at least I already knew that he loves me too. And I want to hold on to his promise. I hugged him so tight and whispered on his ear the thing I always wanted to say- I LOVE YOU. He kissed me at my forehead and said the painful goodbye I ever heard.

When you find something real, you just couldn’t easily give that up or let it go. It may have lots of what if’s and what could have been’s but still we didn’t stop loving and hoping that someday it will be a happily ever after.  We should not stop loving because someone broke our trust and heart, nobody loves you, everything seems so wrong and nobody wants you to be happy. Believe me; I felt the same way too but you know what? The people who think that to you will soon realize that they are such a big jerk because they lost the most amazing person they met along their way.

Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Different Kinds of I Love You’s

After my classes I always find time to drop by at our parish church even if it’s not Sunday. I’m just thankful to all the blessings I continuously receive even if I’m not asking for it. I’m just thankful that I have this amazing people surrounds and love me no matter what. Then one day, even though it was in the middle of the ceremony I found myself sitting at the last chair and listened to the gospel. It’s all about LOVE. Saying “I Love You” doesn’t mean he/she really love you because it could mean in different ways. So, here’s what I’ve learned.


They said that love doesn’t need a reason or explanation. I love you BECAUSE you take me out to fancy dinners. I love you BECAUSE with you I know the best is still ahead.We often said to our love ones that we love them BECAUSE they are smart, pretty, rich, kind, lovable and a-lot-of-praises-not-yet-ends. If we ask why did we love that person, what are we usually answers? I love her because blah blah blah. I’ll be happy if someone will answer this ‘I don’t know’. Love came unexpectedly. Therefore it doesn’t need a damn reason.

This kind of I Love You seeks for a condition. They love the person but there is this favour and condition in able the relationship will keep going. I will love you IF you will buy this, IF you will reach the stars, IF you’ll climb the mountains, and IF you’ll swim the vast sea.


This is i think the painful I love you we’ll ever heard to someone we love and give our whole trust to her/him. Which is more painful, …but i love you or I love you but? With exception of the fact that, on the contrary, reservations or objections. I love you BUT I have to let you go. I love you BUT I don’t think this relationship will work for both of us.


I love you DESPITE OF how different we are from one another.I love you DESPITE OF the fact that you are blah blah blah. They say that this is true love because despite all the troubles we get we still love that person. This love is unconditional. We usually learn it.


This is the best I Love you. NO condition, NO reason, NO favour. Just the words I love you is enough. The correct I Love You that we must say to the one we love.

This Valentines Day, when we say “I Love You” we must mean it and of course we should be careful because it could mean a lot of things.

The 14 Types of Girlfriends


Love is in the air as the month of February came (yeah, February 14 is near approaching). I admit that I’m not an expert when it comes in relationship or love matters. I’m also aware even at my very young age that love and relationships are somewhat hard to argue and understand. If I misjudged, misunderstood, overstated and understated such terms in this article, my sincere apology for that matter.

1. The Detective-Spy- Lawyer
Wew! Be extra careful of what you do or else you’ll definitely just mess up. If you will do something not nice to her eyes, you better watch out! Your girlfriend might follow you (or maybe she’s ahead of you). If you’re going to cheat, make sure not to leave any evidences (usually she will check your phone, email, facebook account, etc). Always ready yourself for her non-stop interrogating.

2. The Drama Queen
The best drama actress goes to…my girlfriend. You know what sucks more? She is always the bida (protagonist) and you’re always the kontrabida (antagonist)! I really don’t know if they are just an attention seeker, acting, being such a brat or what! Cries in front of you, wants always to defend her, and wants always to care for her and lot-of-dramatic moves. Argghh, can I pull down her hair, slap her face and knock her down? Excuse me! I just want to remind you that this is not a drama movie that you have to act like you are always the pitiful one.

3. The Superwoman
You are one of the luckiest guys on earth if you have a girlfriend like her. All your needs are comin’ right away. You don’t have to worry because she is always there to make sure that everything’s okay. Chef, housemaid, secretary, doctor, principal, nurse, etc (check!)! She is certainly more like Mom than a girlfriend. It’s such a shame for you if you’ll just take her for granted and find some brat out there.

4. The Come-and-Go
Today, your status is ‘in relationship’ then tomorrow is back to ‘single and available’. Can’t think of a reason on why it has to end so soon like that? Simply because both of you are not ready to be in a relationship. It’s not that you are not meant to be, it’s just that not everything you want, you will have it. Things don’t work out for both of you. Usually, you will encounter her when you decided to have a one night stand.

5. The Love-for-Convenience
It’s quite a shame for me (because I am a girl too) to include this but it’s true. Some girls usually find a guy who can support them not just emotionally, physically, romantically but also financially. Let’s not being hypocrite here! All of us want to have a better or stable life not just for a while but last a lifetime. Gold-digger? Nope. Just practical. She will learn to love you in the long run (or maybe not at all)

6. The Insecure
Girls do have a lot of insecurities in life (guilty here). She wants to be the prettiest girl in the universe. She wants to be your center of attraction and attention. She wants to be your “everything”. You better have a bundle of patience if your girlfriend is like her, guys!

7. The Romantic
Love songs, red roses, romantic places and love stories. C’mon guys! This will not eat your ego if your girlfriend has a lot of better things to do and places she knows when it comes to love matters. She just wants to make things romantically wonderful and perfect.  Girls want to have their love stories end always with a happy-ever-after. So bare with us!

8. The Nun
I’m not literally saying a nun like a very religious one here. No boyfriend since birth, still a virgin and very sensitive and conservative. She follows a very strict rule in your relationship: Ghost Rule. No touch, no holding hands, no kiss and definitely no sex until you propose to her and get married! C’mon baby, I know that this one is very hard to find and I’m sure it will take you a very long wait. But she is worth the wait and I think that’s what all guys are looking for, am I right? (I guess).

9. The One that Got Away
Ex-girlfriend. Not all relationship last forever. Some (or I think mostly) guys don’t took their girlfriends seriously. Just fling! Flirtationship. Or maybe they have a misunderstanding. Or maybe they are not ready. Or maybe they needed more time to think or what they called soul-searching. Or maybe they are not meant to be. That’s why they decided to broke up with each other and finds their happiness in a separate ways. “It’s not you, it’s me” is the common line in breaking up with someone else. Love will find its way back to where your heart belongs. Don’t lose hope especially to those who broke up but still love each other. And of course, please DON’T ASSUME that they will come back!

10. The Boss
This is also called the Perfectionist. This is the type of girlfriend who is very demanding and most of the time commanding. She is always right when it comes to everything. What you wear, how you look, how you stand, etc. Although it helps and improves you a lot but c’mon, don’t you think that she’s crashing your male ego.

11. The Bitter One
This is definitely the type of girlfriend who can’t move on and can’t accept that the relationship they build together either in a short term or long term was over. She has lots of what ifs and what could-have-been. What if we did not broke up or let him go? What if I fight for him? Paano kung hindi na ako nag-inarte noon (what if I did not make some damn excuses before). WHAT IF. Mostly, when you say that ‘you know what, you’re full of bitterness’ she will immediately deny it. C’mon! Stop being such a damn loser. When you broke up with your boyfriend, leave it behind. Still hurts? Just think that you will just shop inside the mall and leave your heavy baggage to the counter!

12. The Jealous Girl
Sometimes it’s nice to know that your girlfriend is jealous ‘cause it means that she is afraid to lose you. But it’s not necessarily too often. It came to the point that even your mother or sister, she will get jealous too. Sometimes she crossed already the boundary on your private life. Even the little things you do, she finds it fishy. Wooh!

13. The Masochist
I think this is a type of girlfriend who is head over heels in love with her boyfriend. Even if she found out that her boyfriend was kissing with someone else. She’s aware that her boyfriend is kicking her out of his life. Even though her partner is cheating she just ignores it for the love of her life. Usually, she practices herself to be numb in everything. Pretentious. Pretending that everything’s okay. She rather hurt herself than accept everything is falling apart. She doesn’t want others see her like a weak lamb. Trying to hide her shattered being that’s why she decided to be strong.

14. The Perfect Girl
She has a beautiful face, oozing sex appeal, sexy, has a saint attitude, has a brilliant mind like Einstein and she is a girl whom you can be proud to face to everybody. She is your dream girl. Exactly, a DREAM GIRL which in reality didn’t exist. Just in your wildest dream. That’s why it’s called “Dream Girl”. Just kidding.

Note: This article is based from what I observed and my own point of view only. Sorry for the not-so-good words I used in this article. And I’m sorry girls if I hurt your ego (I didn’t mean it). No hard feelings here.


Photo by: Kamla Jetly Trust (http://kamlajetlytrust.com/gallery/poverty-india/)

Photo by: Kamla Jetly Trust

I remember, it was my first day of the semester going to the state university where my grandma enrolled me in Manila. I really don’t know what to do and what to expect. Throughout my life living in the city, I never experience to go to a public school or state university. Every time I went to school, I always have our family driver to fetch me or the school bus if our driver is busy. I got used the life my grandparent’s granted me. I admit that I don’t have everything but I have enough. My former classmates said that it’s a school for the poor or less fortunate people or people living below the poverty line. At first they can’t even imagine me going to that school where I had to deal the poor people out there for 4 to 5 years. Yes, I studied in a state university and I really don’t care what other people say. After all, I’m not living on other people expectations or demands. In the first place, it’s not written on our law that rich or wealthy people are not allowed to enter public school or state university. You can call me hypocrite (that’s what they think of me) but I really don’t believe that choice of school matters at all because it’s up to the person. Whether she/he will do good or the other way around. I have lots of friends who went to the famous and top universities but do you know where they are? Some are just at home; some are working in call center even if they have a master’s degree; some are still dependent on their parent, etc. (Okay, back to my business)

My big problem was how to get there. I don’t know how to ride a jeepney, bus or train. Funny right? It’s the truth. I walked a kilometer or I guess it was two going to the jeepney stop- along the highway. Upon reaching the jeepney stop, I met an old lady, a bum maybe in the corner of the street. Maybe she saw me standing and walking wearily that’s why she approached and asked me if I have a problem. I asked her on how I can go to Baclaran, what jeepney i supposed to ride. She didn’t say anything instead she just stops the incoming jeepney with a placard written “Baclaran” in front of the jeepney.

The bum then asked me if I could give her some money to buy her food because she’s so hungry. I gave her 50 pesos. I thought it was enough to buy a loaf of bread but I was wrong. I saw some street children running going to her. I bet they are her children. They walked to the store and sat down on the wooden chair while they enjoyed their food. I realized that there are some people who have bigger problems than mine- how to eat thrice a day.

When I walked along the street going to the MRT-Taft station, I saw some street children, street vendors and different people striving so hard to survive. I can see from all their faces how tired they were and do you know what their common goal is? To live. Sometimes we complain with things that we lack, not well enough and everything seems so hard. We continue to look for more when in fact, we already given more than what we deserve. Sometimes we just took things for granted.

As I wait for the next trip, I noticed a guy standing behind the other guy. With my two naked eyes, i saw the man stole the other guy’s wallet from his blue jean’s pocket. I was shocked how the man got the wallet without the other man knowing or feeling it. That was absurd. I wonder why the man has to do that to his fellow Filipino. Is he doing that everyday? How can he even feed his own family from the money he just stole? I hate to think that some people are willing to do such crime just to live. Is it because of poverty?

Poverty is a malignant disease which kills millions of people softly and my country is not an exception. By that kind of disease, I truly believe that there is only one medicine which can cure this disease itself. It is a medicine called ‘education’. Education is our only weapon to solve our problem in poverty. As what my grandma told me ‘being poor is not a sin but to die poor is’ because you didn’t work hard while you were alive”. It is not our fault that we are born in a poor family but we can do something about it. It is to educate ourselves instead of putting ourselves to mere poverty. Don’t let poverty become a hindrance to your success. If other people can do, you can do it too. After all, we are created by God equally; it’s just a matter of gender and nationality.

There are lots of opportunities out there. They are just waiting for you to grab it. If you don’t have money, what’s the use of public schools and state universities out there? Our government even give some scholarships to those who are determine and willing to study. You always complain to our government that they abandon our country but have you ask yourself “Did I help my country, too?” It’s just a matter of how many years of studies compare to the life you are having now in poverty. It will be forever if you will not work hard. They said that there is no permanent in this world except change. There’s still a chance for you to change. Poverty is just temporary; why not think of a life where you deserve to be. Don’t be lazy. Stop that colonial mentality. Start now before it’s too late. Nobody said it was easy but it’s really worth it in the end.

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